Trittico leopardiano | to Sol Gabetta

for cello and piano (2023)


PPP | in memory of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Epicedium for the death of a poet

for bass clarinet and guitar (2022)


Lacrymosa | to Antonio Tinelli

for clarinet and piano (2022)


Il sogno di Deramo

for cello and piano (2019)

(taken from the end of the second act of the opera Il Re cervo)


Danza medievale

for cello and piano (2018)


Visione lirica di Pietro Mascagni | to Guia, Francesca e Alice

transcription for string quintet (2015)


Visions | to Massimo Mercelli

for flute and piano (2013) 

frelly ispired to the

Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake 


Scherzo fantastico | to the duo Tinelli-Mazzoccante

for clarinet and piano (2011)

(2nd  version)


Rapsodia | to my father

for clarinet and piano (2006)

(2nd version)


La tregua

dramatic vision for cello and piano (2005)

frelly ispired to the homonym novel by Primo Levi


Het Achterius | to Uto Ughi

version for violino and piano (2005)

freely inspired from the Diary by Anne Frank


Scherzo fantastico 

for clarinet and piano (1995)

(1st versione)



for clarinet and piano (1995)


Preludio lirico

for english horn, 2 clarinets, 2 viola and  2 cello (1993)



for clarinet and piano (1992)



for tuba and piano (1992)



for piccolo clarinet and clarinet(1991)



for clarinet and piano(1989)

(1st version)



for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bass clarinet (1988)


Scherzo in Re

for oboe, piccolo clarinet and 2 clarinets (1988)


Trio rapsodico

for clarinet, alto saxophone and bass clarinet (1988)



for wind instruments, piano and percussion (1988)


Concerto per pochi strumenti

for wind instruments, piano and percussion (1988)


Trio concertante

for 2 clarinets and bass clarinet (1987)



for clarinet and piano(1987)



for clarinet and piano (1986)