The Symphonic marches of the Apulian Composers Traditional Repertory

The concert dedicated to the traditional symphonic marches of Apulian composers is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th at 8.30 pm at the Auditorium "Nino Rota" of the Conservatory "Niccolò Piccinni" in Bari, which will feature the Wind Orchestra of the Department of Wind Instruments directed by the Masters Michele Bozzi, Domenico Pasquino, Antonio Demarco and Antonio Tinelli.

Among names like Giuseppe Piantoni, Angelo Lamanna and many others, those of Angelo Inglese senior and junior also stand out.

The red thread that links the Apulian symphonic marches passes, therefore, also for the English Family. A century from the birth of the M ° English Senior, and a "Centenary Festival" that is destined to last for a long time with initiatives that aim to spread music by band, the music pays tribute to three generations of English: from grandfather to his nephew, passing by his father.

"Homenaje a Valencia" is the symphonic march for a band written in Valencia in 1955 by Angelo Inglese senior, in one of the moments in which his work of spreading band music met a country that has become his second home, revised and regenerated then by his nephew subsequently to eliminate the various transcription errors handed down over the years.

"Manuela", on the other hand, is the great symphonic march for the band of the eponymous nephew, written on the occasion of the birth of his daughter always in Venezuela in Caracas. It is a rhapsodic march, in which rhythmic games in the time of 12/8 and caressing melodies, which evoke the fantastic world of children with a playful variation of the Himno Nacional de Venezuela "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo" by Juan José Landaeta, yes unite in a festive and sparkling embrace.

The occasion is also profitable for the presentation of the biographical novel on the life of the M ° English senior, "He will be called Angelo!" Signed by Angelo junior, which contains the passage centered on the composition of "Homenaje a Valencia" on the occasion of the Año jubilar of the city. On that occasion, the English Maestro had among the public Pablo Picasso and many other famous painters who came to the Exposición Internacional de Pintura.

This is only the first of a long series of unmissable events that the great machine of the "Centenary Festival" has started in collaboration with associations and training institutions of the territory!

The second edition of the "Angelo Inglese" National Composition Competition for the band "Città di Molfetta" is starting

After the success of the first edition, the Musical Musical Association "Angelo Inglese", with the Artistic Direction of Maestro Angelo Inglese Jr., relaunches the new National Composition Competition for band "Angelo Inglese" City of Molfetta.

With the sponsorship of the Municipality of Molfetta, realized in collaboration with the National Anbima and the Committee of Local Parties, the competition has always the primary intent to spread the musical band culture and is open to musicians of all ages and Italian nationalities, who have composed a new march. The jury, composed this year by M ° Angelo Inglese as Honorary Artistic Director, by M ° Carlo Pirola, M ° Antonio Tinelli and M ° Giovanni Ricotta, will select the completed compositions and the winners of the two categories provided (symphonic march and military march) will be published by Edizioni M. Boario of Turin, and awarded and performed in Molfetta on 7 September 2019 as part of the celebrations dedicated to the patroness Maria SS. of the Martyrs.

All material must be received no later than August 2nd 2019 at the address indicated in the announcement.

This is an unmissable opportunity to get involved and once again revive the Apulian musical tradition in the memory of Maestro Angelo Inglese Sr!

Alessandra Brucoli

Press Office & URP

"Angelo Inglese" Association

It will take place on Friday 3rd May (9.30 am-1.00 pm / 3.00 pm-6.00 pm) in the Salone degli Affreschi of the University Building of the University of Bari, in Piazza Umberto I No. 1, the national study conference "Nicola De Giosa: not only Don Checco ", with the Patronage of the Italian Society of Musicology, the Italian Institute for the History of Music, the Donizetti Society (London), the Pugliese Academy for Sciences, the Patria History Society for Puglia and the Institute of Musical Bibliography of Puglia.

The important moment of reflection on the cultural and musical legacy of M ° De Giosa, revolutionary for the nineteenth century in which he lived, is part of the events for the bicentenary of his birth in collaboration with the National Library, the University and the Bari Conservatory.

In the second session at 3.00 pm, Maestro Angelo Inglese jr. (musician, director and composer), will take part in the conference as a speaker, having edited the revision of the original manuscripts of the "Messa da Requiem" by Maestro De Giosa in 1997 for the "Festival della Valle d'Itria" of Martina Franca : the work, directed by the same M ° Inglese, was performed in world premiere with the participation of the International Orchestra of Italy and the Bratislava Chamber Choir.

An opportunity not to be missed, not only to pay homage to a Bari musician who left his mark in the history of music, but also to recall the emotion that only an original manuscript can convey through the sensitivity and inspiration of a musician .

Ceremony and concert in honor of the Master Giuseppe Inglese.


On April 17 2019, on the occasion of Holy Week rites, I will have the honor of conducting the Great Biagio Abbate City of Bisceglie Concert Band and presenting the biographical novel dedicated to my grandfather Angelo Inglese, who directed the same band in the years 1944 - 1945.


My latest work: Lebenslieder for soprano and piano composed on five poems by the Austrian poet and playwright Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and dedicated to the well-known Russian soprano Olga Peretyatko ( in homage to its renowned artistic value and in the name of the deep professional esteem and friendship that binds us.


On 1 December 2018 I presented at the Logos Hotel in Forte dei Marmi the biographical novel I dedicated to the artistic life of my grandfather Angelo Inglese (1918-1990), composer and conductor, of which this year recurs the centenary of the birth. Organized by ARTe33 comunicareArte. For more informations go to my Facebook page.