Shim Chung | to my father

opera in 2 acts from

the homonymous Korean legend

on English libretto by Christian Bygott

(Italian version by Angelo Inglese)


La chitarra nell'oceano (work in progress)

musical comedy in 3 acts


Il Re cervo

opera in 3 acts (2015)

from the fairy tale of Carlo Gozzi

libretto by Paolo Bosisio


La vera Traviata

scenic cantata in one prologo, 7 scenes and epilogue (2013)

libretto by Gaia Servadio


La bottega dei sogni | to my parents and to the olives trees of Apulia

lyric comedy in 2 acts (1998)

libretto by Nicola Saponaro



lyric drama in 3 acts, 7 scenes and epilogue (1991)

libretto by Gilles Jallet